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We have got what you need to pack for your next move. Not only do we offer the regular cardboard moving boxes but we offer plastic moving boxes that are a lot more durable and sturdy for your move which is best for those unexpected moments when you believe your regular cardboard moving box just won’t be good enough to handle your items.


We at Local & Interstate Removals offer a range of moving boxes and packing supplies including high quality cardboard moving boxes in different sizes, plastic moving boxes, sticky tape and bubble wrap, all at competitive prices. Below is a list of moving boxes and packing supplies we currently have available so purchase any of these online today to take advantage on the discounts we have on offer whether or not you are moving with us!


Pick up is available from our office at anytime for moving boxes and / or packing supplies ordered online. Once you have placed your order online, we will organise your moving boxes and / or packing supplies and have it ready for your collection at your requested pick up date. Please note if you looking to order moving boxes and / or packing supplies online and want to have a requested pick up date of less than 1 working day, it is best to call us right away so we can arrange it for you immediately without any delay. If it is more convenient for you to have one of our packing team drop off your moving boxes and / or packing supplies straight to your door, please call us so we can arrange delivery for you at a time that best suits you.


If you wish to hire boxes instead of purchasing boxes, we offer unlimited boxes hire for only a $5 bond which will be refunded given that the boxes are returned strictly in good condition within 30 days from when they were dispatched to you. If you wish to hire boxes for your move, please call us and our one of our move specialists will arrange this for you.



One of the most crucial parts of moving frequently gets overlooked and is sometimes not given the proper attention it deserves.This is the packing part of your move. Packing and unpacking can greatly affect whether your goods remain in the same condition at the end of your move. Packing efficiently can not only play an important role in maintaining the condition of your items when relocating but it can also take a considerable amount of stress away when preparing for your move. Our professional packing team can provide superior packing and unpacking services which can eliminate any stress you may experience during the packing phase of your move as well as take the load off you and you wouldn’t even have to lift a finger. They are extensively trained to cautiously handle your goods while they sort, wrap and pack them the right way with other relevant items in appropriately-sized moving boxes ensuring that they remain safe and secure until they arrive at your new home or office. All you need to do is take a seat, watch our packing experts do what they do and relax knowing that your items are in good hands.


Our professional packing team can pack as little or as much as you need for your next move- it’s all up to you! Even if you are not planning to move and want help with packing for storage, our packing services can be just what you are looking for. Businesses requiring packing and unpacking assistance can rely on our professional packing team to get the job done while eliminating down time for your business and staff, when you select to incorporate our professional packing and unpacking services into your move. So let us handle this for you and know that our professional packing team have the expertise to pack and unpack your items the right way. Be sure to contact us inquiring about bundled moving and packing services.


For more information on our professional packing and unpacking services or if you require assistance with ordering packing materials and hiring moving boxes, please CALL US or EMAIL US




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