Expert Removalist Sydney to Kurri Kurri

When you are planning to shift the entire house, have you ever thought about how to carry your favorite plants from your garden to your new house? Your well-organized and maintained balcony garden can be easily shifted to the new site if you can hire a professional company that is engaged in the business for years. It needs huge experience and knowledge to uproot live plants, pack them, and again re-pot them in a new pot. Removalists Sydney to Kurri Kurri consists of a very skilled team who can effectively work on the process. We at Local and Interstate Removals understand the need of a customer and accordingly customize the package for them. Let’s have a quick look at how we manage to do the moving of the balcony garden.

Moving plants by Removalists Sydney to Kurri Kurri 

It needs extreme skill and experience for a company to perform garden relocations. However, relocating big trees needs to be done with the help of modern machines. If you have a small garden or a balcony garden then Sydney to Kurri Kurri Removalists can easily work on removing it. We follow series of steps to ensure a proper process of shifting.                       

  • Uprooting plants from heavy/ concrete pots

The NSW Country Removalist during the process first uproots the plats in a technical manner from the heavy pots. Usually, these are removed from heavy ceramic pots or concrete pots as carrying all these together can make the work complicated and even lead to breakage of the pots. We ensure the safe removal of the plants from the pots, but make sure the soil is attached to the roots.  

  • Trim down the excess branches 

The Removals Sydney to Kurri Kurri usually trims down the dry leaves and branches so that the packing becomes compact. It helps in managing the packing if through trimming the size can be reduced. The quality of our service lies in understanding the scenario and acting according to it. 

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  • Make sure the plants are free from inspects 

We make sure the plants are not infected. Infection can damage the plants while shipping and can eventually cause death. Removal companies also water the plants before packing so that it does not dry up during the transit.                                     

  • Wrapping of plants 

The most important task for the Removalists Sydney to Kurri Kurri is to wrap the plants. The plants are wrapped with papers and often with other packing materials. Proper packing ensures prevention from external damage. 

  • Place plants in boxes to prevent damage

The packed plants are placed inside cardboard boxes so that while shipping pressure does not cause damage to the plants. The Sydney to Kurri Kurri movers place the plants inside the box making sure enough air passage is there for the plants to breathe. 

  • Mark the boxes 

The moving services also mark the boxes so that the people who will be carrying them or unloading them can understand what’s there inside. Additional notes are also attached to the boxes to let the team know about the watering and other conditions. 

  • Packing the tools and loose pots

Now the garden tools and pots are packed. The ceramic or clay pots are packed separately with bubble wraps so that while moving it remains in proper condition. The sharp tools are also packed properly in order to ensure safe moving. Highly skilled experts are engaged in the task and thus the work is done with utmost perfection. 

Additional arrangement regarding moving

The moving company also prepares a checklist of the goods that are packed in boxes. This checklist helps in identifying the boxes while rearrangement. We offer a very affordable rate for relocation. The work is done within a specific time without causing any mess. Our backloading service is often opted for by many of our customers, which lowers down the cost of shipping and also helps us to reduce the carbon footprint.

You can book our service by calling us on 1300 705 705. You can even mail Local and Interstate Removals and ask for a quotation. The removalist cost calculator feature can also help you to find out your approximate cost for the relocation. You can also hire us to get customized pricing and service if you have any special requirements apart from our packages. Interestingly, Removalists Sydney to Kurri Kurri at times comes up with excellent deals which can save a lot of your money. We offer an Insurance policy so that your goods remain in our safe hands and you can have peace of mind during the entire process.