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Relocating a pool table is a matter of huge concern as a single mistake during packing or transportation can damage the pricy investment. Pool tables are made up of slate, which is fragile and an incorrect handling process can ruin it. We at Local and Interstate Removals understand the importance of such goods and thus invest our best people to handle the relocation job. Removalists Sydney to Ulladulla specializes in removing heavy items including pool tables. Let’s have a look at how we manage the safe and quality moving of such thing:

Types of pool table shipped by Removalists Sydney to Ulladulla

Pool tables are not only fragile in nature but are quite heavy to manage. Pool tables come in different sizes and weights, ranging from 170 lbs to 440 lbs approximately. The smaller-sized tables can be moved without disassembling, while for heavier and bigger-sized tables, dismantling is necessary to avoid damage. The professionals involved in the job know very well which one to disassemble and which one to not. Sydney to Ulladulla Removalists carry the necessary wrapping materials while the team visits your place for the job.

Taking care of the safety of the table while shipping

Our experts know that these heavy objects should not be pushed or dragged under any circumstances. Sydney to Ulladulla movers inspects the table and lift the table during packing. Dragging or pushing can cause severe damage to the table legs and also cause damage to the slate body. Disassembling the pool table is recommended not to be done by non-professionals Removal companies or else severe damage can take place. 

Even if you wish to move the table upstairs or downstairs, you should ask people to help you. Trying to do it all yourself can cause you physical injury due to excessive weight on the table. NSW Country Removalist Sydney to Ulladulla will help you to install and arrange it at your new place during the delivery.

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Process of disassembling the table

The dismantling of the table is done one by one so that it remains safe. We need manpower to lift the weight and keep it in a safe position. The workers at Removalists Cooranbong to Sydney are well trained to perform damage-free packing and moving. 

  • The legs of the pool table are removed first. The legs are normally attached separately and thus can be removed without any complication.
  • The next part that is disassembled is the rail. The rail frame is big in size but not heavy. So, experts from Removals Sydney to Ulladulla remove the rail frame and keep it in position.
  • The cabinet is the largest part of the pool table and is dismantled after the frame is opened. 
  • The last part of the table is the slate structure, which is not only heavy but also fragile. Inexperienced movers often cause damage to this certain portion of the table as it is fragile.

In order to avoid that, our professionals from our company give special attention while removing and packing this part. We assign more manpower if the pool size is big and needs to be carried down from upstairs. 

Process of packing part-by-part

All the dismantled parts are separately packed. The legs, frame, and cabinet are packed with special packing blankets. Now when the slate body needs to be packed, the Furniture Removalist uses all possible cushioned materials to safeguard the part. The padded packing substances are placed so that while shipping the slate body does not break due to vibration. We have an advanced vehicle with an excellent suspension system, which controls the vibration even if the road condition is not good.                  

Getting a quotation for the pool table

You can use the Removalist cost calculator to estimate the cost of shipping the pool table. All you have to do is to mention the size of the table and the destination location. Our back-end team will also help you to get the most affordable rate for the same. 

Planning is necessary while shifting a pool table. As Local and Interstate Removals give insurance coverage for all our shipping, you can stay rest assured that your pool table will reach you in proper condition. You can call our Moving services on 1300 705 705 for further detailing regarding the shipment. You can also opt for a backloading service for shipping other such heavy goods. Removalists Sydney to Ulladulla also offers customized deals for the customers so that they can receive maximum benefit from our service.