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Local and Interstate Removals are your experienced interstate removalists in Sydney

We at Local & Interstate Removals are the experienced interstate removalists sydney dedicated to moving residents and businesses interstate as we operate our relocation services all around Australia to assure you that no matter where you are or wherever you need to go, we can move you there! We can relocate your furniture and items to your new home or office Australia-wide with any of our vast fleet of trucks that are already operating around-the-clock in and out of all Australian states (Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Sydney) due to the efficient removals services we provide at competitive prices without the compromise of service quality. We are the experts in home and office removals you can trust to be with you all the way from the time you get the cost estimate for your move, until your move is complete and we place the very last piece of furniture in your new home or office exactly where you want it to be.


We offer two options for residents and businesses requiring an interstate move: Backload & VIP services. At Local & Interstate Removals we have assigned some of our largest trucks to our backload services in order to provide more opportunities to customers wanting an affordable service for their move for the convenience of our customers because we completely understand that moving interstate can be costly for some residents and businesses especially if residents or businesses are looking to hire a full truck and handle their move by themselves. Below is a comparison between our backload & VIP services.


Ideal for residents or businesses that need to relocate one or a few items efficiently without the desire to hire a full truck.

Benefits of choosing our backload service for your move:

1. This option is more economical than a full-service move and you will only pay for the space your items occupy on the truck going one way. 

2. Backloading decreases impact on the environment. Trips straight to and from your new home / office can be wasteful and inefficient if you are relocating very few items.

3. Usually there is moving trucks available so you can take advantage of space on a truck at short notice.

4. Your items are always handled by professional and fully-trained removalists.

5. Your items are wrapped and protected when handled by our removalists and transported in our trucks.

6. We have high-quality, well-maintained and reliable trucks to transport your items.


Ideal for residents or businesses that need to relocate more than just a few items and wish to hire a full truck with a full-service move.

Benefits of choosing our VIP service for your move:

1. You can choose either "fixed  price" option or "per half an hour charge" option for your convenience

2. You will not have to worry about sharing a truck with other customers and you will have more space for your items as you will have the whole truck to yourself.

3. You will receive door-to-door service. You will receive trips straight to and from your home / office. Also, you will have flexibility in deciding the date and time of when you want your move to occur.

4. You will receive faster delivery of your items than backloading as we will not go to other locations to pick up the items of other customers other than yours.

5. Your items are always handled by professional and fully-trained removalists.

6. Your items are wrapped and protected when handled by our removalists and transported in our trucks.

7. We have high-quality, well-maintained and reliable trucks to transport your items.


We are home and office removalists you can depend on to arrive promptly to you and move your furniture and items safely and securely. We guarantee your goods will remain in safe hands. You can be sure our very reliable and trustworthy interstate removalists sydney will take care of your goods from the time your goods are picked up from the initial location, to the time they are delivered to the final destination (your new home / office).  Our residential and commerical removals services we provide include:

Professional Packing and Unpacking Services (Optional)

When you are planning to pack for your move, it is common to think that all you really need is just cardboard moving boxes, some bubble wrap and sticky tape, and surely you can handle packing items by yourself but it takes a lot more than just having these packing materials to pack for your interstate move. In fact it requires a lot of effort, time, patience and attention. You can reduce the load on yourself while you are organising and packing for your move by having our professional packing team (as part of our all-inclusive moving services) help you pack or you can eliminate the load on yourself completely and choose to let them do all the work for you while you sit back and relax. This will not only reduce the time you spend sorting, wrapping and packing but also it benefit you in the long run by saving you a lot of efforts in this stage of preparing for your move and don’t worry our professional packing team will safely and securely pack your delicate and unique items. Also, if you need help after moving to your new home / office, our professional packing team can unload your items, unpack them and place them exactly where you want them to go in your new home / office, giving you and your family / staff more time to focus on other aspects of your move like settling into your new home / office.  

Transit Insurance, Public Liability and Workers Compensation

We at Local & Interstate Removals recognise the extent of how moving can make you feel on edge, placing not only physical but, also mental pressure on you and your family / staff. For your peace of mind, we aim to take these away not only from you, but your family / staff by serving you with top-notch removals services that is covered by our transit insurance, public liability insurance and workers compensation. We offer transit insurance for your goods during your move so that you can feel at ease knowing our removalists are doing their best to transport your goods safely and securely, and that if an unforeseen incident happened to occur, they are fully insured whilst they are being transported to your new home / office.  

Interstate Relocation with Professional and Experienced Removalists

We have a team of committed professional removalists who have the right expertise and competence to handle your interstate move no matter the size of your move - the size of your home / office or the distance from your old home / office to your new home / office and are always keen on delivering a successful interstate move. Our removalists are well-trained and supplied with the right tools to protect your furniture, equipments, any other items and your home / office, when they are moving your belongings from your old home / office and into your new home / office. When relocating, your furniture are wrapped and padded whilst being carefully placed in our trucks by our removalists to insure your furniture, equipments and any other items we relocate remain in the same condition at the end of your move. Any pieces of furniture that you need to be disassembled prior to moving and re-assembled after moving can be done by our removalists at your request free of charge. Disassembling your furniture prior to your move and reassembling your furniture after your move helps to protect your furniture from damages during the moving process as well as during transportation from your old home / office to your new home / office. Additionally, we offer all-inclusive moving services to help you get settled in your new home / office without any hassles.

Extra Services

We at Local & Interstate Removals offer complete removals services for residents / businesses moving interstate. Our services cover everything you need to undertake your move so you do not need to do anything, in fact you can leave your move entirely to us! Just picture how good you will feel when you wouldn’t even need to lift a finger as your move will be handled by Local & Interstate Removals


We provide the following additional services in which you can choose to add any of them to your removals service:  



  • Pre- moving services (packing and unpacking services, pre- move assistance services)
  • Post- moving services (packing and unpacking services, post- move assistance services)
  • Utilities services (connection/disconnection of gas, electricity, cable TV and more!)
  • Car transportation
  • Cleaning services

You just tell us what services you need for your move and we will handle the rest to make sure ultimately, you and your staff arrive in your new home / office organised and stress-free! 

24/7 Emergency Support

When moving with us, if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, before, during or after your move, our emergency support line is always active and ready 24/7 whenever you need help! You can give us a shout and we will do our best to assist you. You will never have to worry if any unknown and unseen circumstance befalls you, we are with you all the way. 


FREE unlimited boxes hire

FREE 10% discount for your next move if you move with us or recommend us*

FREE utilities connection and/or disconnection

FREE shrink wrap for all mattresses

FREE items covering by blankets & wraps

FREE transit insurance cover

FREE public liability insurance cover

FREE workers compensation insurance cover

*If you recommend us to a friend, family or colleague, follow up with us after their move to get your 10% discount for your next move


You can book for your move online via BOOK NOW. It is best to book for your move online if you know the details of your move, for example the number of bedrooms / staff you have, the size of the truck and the number of removalists you will need for your move. Once you have booked online, one of our move specialists will contact you to finalise your booking. Simply follow the instructions given when you click on “Book Now”. If you have any queries or need assistance with booking online please CALL US or EMAIL US

Our team of highly trained professional removalists are dedicated to making your move very smooth and stress-free whilst ensuring your furniture and items remains safe and secure until they arrive at your new home or office so you can focus on the more important things in life!

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