Our vision is to be the leading Local & Interstate Removals in Australia specialising in all local, interstate and regional relocations for both residents and businesses.

Local & Interstate Removals is an owner operated business that cares about every single customer. We love what we do and we do not underestimate any task we get. This is why our slogan is We Carry We Care as this is our top trait, our care rests on your furniture and items we carry!

We have worked our way from the ground up as we started just as a group of removalists in other companies & organisations, gathering loads of training and experience through what we did, learned a lot about customer service and customer satisfaction, and because of our passion for our work, we got together as one team, and built-up Local & Interstate Removals. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and we love every bit of it!

Why Choose Us?

Our Removalists Team

We pride ourselves on the great team of removalists we have in our company and we acknowledge that the importance of a successful move is based on the actual removalists who provide the removals services. The removalists that a company employs must be trustworthy, reliable and highly-skilled to relocate your most valuable items, that is why Local & Interstate Removalists only employs and provides well-trained, friendly, smart, and experienced removalists to handle your relocations. Our removalists are treated with compassion and the uttermost respect and we expect that our removalists will treat you in the same way. Our team of removalists are treated, trained and paid well. We do not cut corners in order to save labour expenses and hire unskilled day labour. When you choose us to handle your move you can relax knowing that your removalists are provided with all necessary training that will make them capable of utilising good problem-solving skills and moving techniques during your move.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Local & Interstate Removals, we are not just any removalists company — we are a removalist company that is customer-oriented, which means you are our prime focus for our company growth and we are depending on your satisfaction at every step we take. We consider ourselves as a customer service company.  So, we will do our best to keep you satisfied as our customer from the moment you call us till the moment we put the last piece of furniture. We hope to gather positive feedbacks and reviews as much as possible. We have put ourselves in your shoes and we always make sure to make it our mission to serve you in “heroic” proportions. If you choose us, be sure that we will precisely consider every detail of your move and we will carry it out perfectly.

Competitive pricing policy

We can customise each move and provide a tailored solution according to the customer’s needs. The best way to determine your moving cost is to have a professional Local & Interstate Removals move specialist discuss your move with you via the phone. Please visit our cost estimator on our homepage to fill in the details of your move and then one of our removalist specialists will call you back to discuss your move further and provide you with an easy-to-read quote. We will find the best possible solutions to save you money and time regarding your move. At the end of our visit, you will be provided with your customised moving quote. Your moving quote will be easy-to-read, straight-forward with absolutely no hidden costs.

We take care of your valuables!

We provide free shrink-wrap wrapping for blankets, mattresses and other furniture items and this mainly because we care about the protection of your belongings as much as you do. This is why we have our slogan as “We Carry We Care”.

Peace of Mind

Our entire removalist business has been built by our long experience as removalists ourselves who have been in this industry for at least 10 years or more and it shows our dedication to the work we do. We love what we do and that is the main reason we all have been in this industry for more than 10 years, it is our passion to not only serve you but to carry your belongings to your new home or office. We are happy when you are a happy customer. It makes our day! We value every single customer and it is our mission to be the Local & Interstate Removals company that you recommend to your families, neighbours, friends, and work colleagues.


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    Peace of Mind