10 common moving myths

By fLipco | July 12, 2019

10 removalist misconceptions

Moving can be a stressful time but it doesn’t have to be. Our team at Local and Interstate Removals have thought long and hard about some of the misconceptions we see when providing our furniture removal services across Queensland and interstate to Sydney, Melbourne etc and guess what – they’re all the same no matter where we go.

So, we want to help put a stop to 10 of them for you!

1. Removalists are expensive so you will save money doing it yourself

This is a big one – lots of people think that removalists are super expensive and that it’s much easier to move yourself. Below is a list of costs/time that you may not consider right away, and they add up quickly throughout the moving process:

  • Taking time off work to pack everything and move – loss of wages

  • Buying boxes and packing materials

  • Hiring a truck/van etc

  • Fuel costs

  • Paying people to help/providing them with food or drinks to say thanks

2. What you pack with doesn’t matter

We can tell you as a fact that packing with any old box you can get your hand on isn’t the same as using boxes that are specifically designed and built for moving purposes. The free boxes from the grocery store or your local fruit market often aren’t made as durable as those for moving and will likely fall apart, leaving your possessions at risk. Oh, and newspaper? Has anybody noticed yet that the blank ink transfers all over your things and your hands? It’s a messy mess! Packing paper has our support 100%

3. Labelling boxes and keeping track of your inventory takes extra time and isn’t worth it

Believe us – we get it. Labelling and taking inventory are time consuming exercises but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth its weight in gold. Thinking that you’ll remember what is in every box is an easy misconception as you’re packing – but once in the new home having to move things multiple times because it is not labelled takes much longer. We guarantee that it’ll take you MORE time when unpacking if you haven’t labelled and listed everything.

4. You must pack everything yourself, and fast

A lot of people don’t realise that removalists provide packing services too – this can be a great time saver for you and will ensure labelling and inventory are done as well.

5. Removalists are all the same and will charge the same, so it doesn’t really matter who you choose

Wrong. Just as humans aren’t created equal – neither are removalists. We take personal pride in ensuring that every move is one that is smooth sailing and love knowing that we take the stress out of the equation for our clients – not add to it. Our prices will reflect your own personal requirements.

6. If you use a removalist company – something will end up broken, it always does

Wrong again – at Local and Interstate Removals, our reputation and repeat clientele is testament of our quality and high standard work practices. Don’t get us wrong – there is still human error in life, but we have less chance of ruining something of yours when it is packed safely and professionally in our truck than laying across your sister’s boyfriend’s backseat.

7. The removalists insurance will cover everything

There is no governing body ensuring that ALL removalists have an insurance policy in place, so this one isn’t true. Ensure the removalist you choose has insurance in place and what it will cover before booking. Full insurance on your items will often come at an additional cost but it will give you peace of mind for any damaged or missing items.

8. Weekends are the best time to move

As lots of the population work Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, people assume that weekends, and Friday especially, are the best and cheapest days to move. We know that you’ll have extra time to move and unpack with Saturday and Sunday around the corner, but it is cheaper to move during the week in terms of removalist costs. We also don’t have to deal with weekend traffic, so it saves time too!

9. Your new home is move in ready

All the documentation might have listed your new abode as move in ready, but we recommend going over the property with a fine-tooth comb and making note of any faults and breakages before moving your things in. This ensures that you don’t receive blame for anything created before you and gives you time to fix anything up.

10. Buying new furniture is easier, cheaper and less stressful than moving ALL your old furniture

Seeing instore setups or perusing catalogues may make new furniture seem like the way to go – less space in the truck, less things to move etc maybe it will be easier and cheaper. Don’t forget these items will come as a flat pack and take longer to put up than you anticipated! Sometimes it really is more economical to stick with what you’ve got.

If you are ready to move, we want to help myth bust and show you how easy and economic using a professional removalist can be. Call us today on 1300 705 705 or fill in the contact form and one of our friendly consultants will get back to you.