By Yusri | April 23, 2018

Local & Interstate Removals offer shrink and blanket wrapping of ALL your large furniture Items to ensure all your furniture is damage free when it arrives at your new home! If you can’t manage it by yourself, we do offer a packing service.

Here are some packing tips to assist in ensuring your move is fast, safe and effective!

  • Start packing boxes early with items you don’t need for daily use
  • Label all your boxes with the name of the room
  • Mark boxes with delicate items FRAGILE and uses lots of bubble wrap and butchers paper to protect
  • Do not overload your boxes
  • Delicate items need a layer of bubble wrap, so they don’t get scratched
  • If you are dismantling any furniture place the screws and fixtures in a plastic clip lock bag and keep it in a safe place or even better, tape it to the actual furniture Item, so they don’t get lost

Moving Tips

A couple of days before the move, make a list of the tasks you need to complete regarding your relocation i.e. transferring your phone, electricity and water, changing your address details with your bank and medicare etc.

The night before the move pack a box with essentials like Coffee, Water, Cleaning products and if you have kids – perhaps an easy to find overnight bag for each family member with some clothes, sleepwear and their essentials

On the day of the move make sure that you keep your mobile, wallet and car keys in a safe place so that they don’t get packed accidentally

Make sure you debrief your removalists Sydney team when they get to your pick-up address on any special requirements you have!