How To Meet Your Neighbours After Moving

By fLipco | June 3, 2019

When you move to a new home, there is a massive checklist of things you need to do in a short amount of time to get settled. Usually, meeting the neighbours is not something which is given much priority after the movers unpack your belongings. But it’s something which you should make an effort to do sooner rather than putting it off for too long.

After all, a home is more than just the physical place where we live, sleep, and keep our belongings. It’s also the neighbourhood and the people who inhabit it.

Generally, knowing the people around us leads to a more settled and happy environment. It’s always great seeing a friendly face, being able to talk if issues arise, or to borrow some sugar for a morning cuppa if you run out.

How To Meet The Neighbours

Figuring out how to meet your new neighbours may seem like an awkward situation, similar to the feeling you have on the first day of school.

It’s best to be authentic and genuine, instead of trying to force an interaction. Instead of showing up on their doorstep with some baked cookies, take an organic approach and let the relationship build over time.

Not sure where to get started? This guide for how to meet your neighbours are moving has got you covered:

Say Hello And Smile

It’s that easy to take the first step. Building a relationship with neighbours is based on being friendly and kind to each other, rather than having things in common.

As you’re moving in, even when you’re frustrated and stressed, be sure to greet anyone you see with a friendly hello and a smile. It’s not necessary to say you have just moved in, but feel free to. What is important is laying the foundation of a relationship, which can grow over time. A friendly and genuine greeting the first time you see each other is the perfect way to get started.

Get Involved In The Community

A great way to meet new people with similar interests is to get involved in some activities. Is there a building meeting, a food co-op, an apartment party someone is throwing? By taking an active role in your local community, it lets you immerse yourself in your neighbourhood. It’s also perfect for connecting with others who have similar goals.

Ask Questions

Talking about the weather is the go-to for many people to get a conversation started. But for meeting your new neighbours, asking questions about the area can help to open up more of a conversation as well as grow rapport.

A lot of people enjoy the chance to give you tips about local life and living in the neighbourhood. Ask questions about the best local food spots, where to see some live music, or if there is a dog park nearby. By asking open-ended questions which don’t have a yes or no answer, it gives people a chance to discuss their interests.

Next time you see them, follow up on the conversation using your established common interests to build on.

Go Outside

If you’re always inside your apartment, it’s going to be hard to meet new people! Go outside and make an effort to spend some time in places where you are likely to come across some people. Either in your front yard doing some gardening or in the building’s common areas are great locations. Or you can go for a walk. The more people you come into contact with, the better chance you have of having a conversation and starting a new relationship.

Offer To Help

People remember more of what you do than what you say. If you see your neighbour doing something which would be easier with help, be proactive and offer to help them out. Whether it’s helping a senior neighbour carry their groceries, or taking mail to a neighbour who was incorrectly delivered to you. Good deeds can go a long way to getting to know your neighbours.

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