5 Tips For Moving Office

By fLipco | November 19, 2018

Moving office is a huge task, which often isn’t easy. Tips for moving office can help to simplify the process. Are you are moving from a home office to a new working space, or from a commercial office to a larger space? Whatever your situation, the process of moving office is still the same.

Office moves usually occur when a business is expanding, when it has outgrown its current premises, or the lease is ending.

Luckily, moving office doesn’t have to be the cause of many headaches and sleepless nights. Careful planning allows you to minimise downtime. It also lets you have your business operations up and running as quickly as possible after the move.

Here are 5 tips for moving office:

1. Plan Everything in Advance

Before looking to move into a new office, make sure to ask yourself some questions.

– When does your current lease finish?

– How much is your budget?

– How much space do you need?

– What location do you want to move to?

– What features are must-haves for your office space?

Once you have found your new location, you need to start planning for the move ASAP.

Have a look at your existing office. Do you like the layout? Do you wish to have a similar layout in the new office?

What about furniture? Will you take your existing furniture to the new office?

You should plan everything at least two months in advance.

2. Keep Your Staff Organised

You should keep your employees updated throughout the entire moving process. Keeping open lines of communication, as well as explaining the benefits of the new location, will help you gain respect and trust from your staff.

  • Communication There are different ways to communicate. Either by email, a group chat or consider having regular team meetings or briefings. It’s important to give employees an opportunity to raise any concerns they may have before the move. It also gives you a chance to answer any questions.
  • Resistance Some people are often resistant to change. Remaining positive to these employees throughout the process is crucial. So is communicating how things will improve after you implement the changes.
  • Packing When it comes time to pack the old office, ask your staff members to label all pieces of furniture which are being moved. Also have them label hardware equipment such as computers, monitors, keyboards, and phones.

Ask every staff member to place the label each item in the same position. When it’s time to unpack in the new office, it will make it quick and easy to locate the number. Otherwise, you will have to search all over the item to find it. Also, any personal items should not be included in the move. It should be up to each individual staff member to be responsible to move their own personal items to the new office.

3. Decide On Your New Office Layout

Now that you’ve secured the new office space, it’s time to start planning the layout and preparing to move in. Make sure to plan the office according to the most practical desk and office furniture layout which will accommodate staff needs.

You will also need to assign space for chairs, cables through desks and other miscellaneous items. Where will the printer and photocopier go? Make sure to also reserve space for break rooms, storage, and a reception area.

Make sure to consult with your staff to ensure that their needs and requirements are being met. Do this before making any decisions.

– Post signs around the office for removalists. This will let them know where the seat numbers from the floor plan will correspond to the actual physical location in the building.

– If you are moving desks and other heavy items, use masking tape on the floor to mark out where they should go.

– If the office is already furnished, then label each desk based on the assigned location numbers from the floorplan.

4. Keep Clients Happy

Another important step, which often gets overlooked, is to notify your clients about your move. Also, let them know about any impact it may potentially have on their business. Don’t forget to mention the change of address and new phone numbers (if applicable). Also, inform them of any delays which they should expect.

Let them know the exact days/times which you will be unavailable, and also how they can contact you in case of an emergency.

Your clients will appreciate the heads up, and also stop any frustration or confusion from occurring if they are unable to contact you as you move.

Pro Tip: Moving on a Friday, or over the weekend is the ideal time to minimise any inconvenience for your clients. Then by Monday morning, you can resume business as usual activities.

It’s not just clients you should notify. Also be sure to let your bank, government agencies, and insurance company know about the move. Don’t forget your vendors, and office suppliers too. Be sure to give them enough notice about your change of address. This will prevent any issues from occurring.

It’s recommended to provide at least 2 weeks notice to everyone before your move. Australia Post makes it easy to change your business address. Their checklist takes you step-by-step through everything which needs updating.

5. Call Professional Office Removalists

Now that you’ve planned out your move, it’s time to bring in a professional. Experienced removalist companies help to keep the removals process operating smoothly and on time. If something was to go wrong, they are on hand to quickly resolve it.

Moving office can be time-consuming and complicated. Professional removalists help to reduce stress and lead the process to make it quick and easy.

It’s recommended to research removalists, and find one that you can rely on and trust. Also, strongly consider hiring a cleaning company for the old premises once you have left.

These tips for moving office makes the process more streamlined and organised.

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