7 Tips For Moving House With Kids

By fLipco | December 6, 2018

Moving home is an adjustment process for most people, and it takes time to settle into a new home, routine and environment. However, moving house with kids can be more difficult, and even a traumatic experience for them.

How they will react often depends on their personality. Some children may be excited about moving, whereas some may feel overwhelmed and like their whole world is changing.

Keep in mind that children may not react as you expected once you tell them about the move. After all, it’s most likely the first time they have ever experienced this, or know someone who has.

If your children take the news well, they may not necessarily realise what the move will mean, and how things will change. Will you be moving to a new area and need to find interstate removalists? Will they have to leave behind their friends and favourite places?

Let everyone in your family know that you thought carefully before deciding to move, and help each other to cope with the transition. Here are 7 Tips For Moving House With Kids:

1. Tell Your Children In Advance

The earlier you tell your children, the more time it gives them to come around to the idea and get used to it. It’s only natural to feel anxious about telling your children, or you don’t want to ruin their upcoming birthday or Christmas, but the sooner you tell them, the better. It will help to prevent them from feeling shocked.

However, sometimes moving is the last minute decision which is unavoidable and sudden. If you find yourself in this situation, try to tell your child as many details as possible about their new home before moving.

2. Recognise How Significant The Move Is

Be sure to try and recognise and accept your children’s feelings, and any concerns they may have. Be ready to take the bad with the good.

Tell your children it is alright for them to be worried, anxious, or even angry.

As adults, we tend to focus on the practical benefits of a move. However, most children, no matter their age, will usually focus on everything they will lose once you move. For a child having to leave behind familiar surroundings and losing friends also will lead to a loss of their sense of belonging.

By understanding their problems, even if they seem trivial towards the overall big picture, it can go a long way to being able to help your child adjust to the changes which are upcoming

3. Have Realistic Expectations

With a child upset and stressed out, it can be tempting to tell them how great everything will be in your new home after the move, but you should resist the urge to do so. Instead set realistic expectations for your children.

It’s only natural to want to talk about all the great and positive things which will happen with the move. However if you are not careful, you may set the expectations so high, and lead to a huge disappointment.

Explain to your kids that you also will need to make new friends in your new suburb, and it won’t only be them that has to. Also, let them know that it may take time to settle in and to feel like they are at home.

4. Try And Remove Fear Of The Unknown

Before you move, if possible, take your children to go and see their new home, as well as their new school. Kids can become really scared by change, and something unknown. This is most likely the only home they have ever known, and it may feel to them like the world is falling down.

Remind your kids that there are many places which can become a home, and home is where the heart is, and anywhere their family is, it can become a home.

Also, let your kids know they can ask you any questions, and you will give them a real answer. An excellent way to help them understand what is happening is by reading them stories or watching movies with similar situations. Your kid is much more likely to cope with their feelings and the move if they can find a character which they can relate to.

If you need to arrange daycare, then you should start making arrangements as soon as you have decided to move. This will allow you to get your kids used to their new carer or nursery before you move, and make the transition process more comfortable.

The City of Sydney also has great resources for exploring the city and suburbs You can find facilities, places to go, and arts and culture. Consider finding some activities which are close to your new home to introduce your kids to before you move.

5. Keep A Positive Attitude

During uncertain times, children will often observe their parents to understand their own emotions and feelings better, and often will copy their parent’s behaviour.

The way a parent deals with an emotional and stressful situation has a significant impact on how a kid deals with their feelings, even if you are unaware of it.

Be sure to give younger children lots of reassurance that everything is ok, and make an effort to stay as positive as possible while around them. On the other hand, older children will probably prefer you to be open and honest with them.

It’s recommended to speak with your older kids about any concerns or fears of your own. Doing so helps them understand that you also have similar concerns as them, which makes them feel like you understand their feelings, and also that what they are experiencing is normal.

6. Arrange a Time To Say Goodbye

Try to make some time to say goodbye to all of the people and places you love, together with your family. A great idea is for each family member to take a turn to chose a place which is special to them, for you to all visit together. This will allow your children a chance to say goodbye, and also leave fond memories.

7. Tell Your Kids the Silver Linings

Some children see moving as a new positive start, especially if they had difficulty fitting in and making friends, or they have been a victim of bullying. Letting your child know that moving is an opportunist for a new beginning and a fresh start may be exciting to them.

When moving house with kids, it can be easy to overlook the essential things you need to do to ensure a successful move. To make sure you don’t forget anything, be sure to read the Australia Post moving house checklist

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