What To Expect When Moving From Sydney to Newcastle

By fLipco | December 14, 2018


So it’s time to leave behind the hustle and bustle of Sydney for the more laid back Newcastle.

Newcastle is the second largest city in New South Wales with a population of over 320,000 and about 159 km north of Sydney. A scenic 2.5 hour drive away from the city, and you are in the middle of stunning beaches and serene nature reserves. Despite being one of the largest, it’s also a very underrated city.

It’s also where Daniel Johns from Silverchair, model Jennifer Hawkins, and Andrew Johns, NRL superstar call home.

When moving from Sydney to Newcastle, you may be in for a bit of a culture shock at first. This guide will walk you through what to expect when moving to Newcastle and help you to explore the city, it’s endless bars and cafes and bustling art scene, and help you settle into your new home.

1. Amazing Beaches

Newcastle has beautiful beaches just like Bondi. However, it’s nowhere near as crowded. Leaving you plenty of room to relax with your friends and family, without worrying about invading personal space of the person next to you. Set up an umbrella and enjoy the shade on a scorching summer day.

The Newcastle coast features many local favourites for a dip such as:

  • Newcastle Beach

  • Nobby’s Beach

  • Horseshoe Beach

  • Stockton Beach

  • Dixon Park Beach

  • Dudley Beach

2. Free Parking at Beaches

What’s better than picturesque beaches as far as the eye can see? There’s no need to worry about rushing back to the parking meter every 2 hours to top up. Or to move your vehicle to a new location. Instead kick back and relax while you unwind at beautiful beaches while taking advantage of free parking all day long!

3. City Vibes Without Traffic

Newcastle has that everyday hustle and bustle experience amongst the many bars and cafes. Enjoy the experience, without having to sit in traffic for hours. Everyone would much rather be chillin’ instead of stressing amongst gridlocks and endless car horns.

4. Amazing Art Scene

There is always something going on for creative types in Newcastle, which has become a recent hub for cool music gigs, fascinating art galleries, and the regular weekend markets. The scene has experienced a resurgence of late thanks to some passionate and dedicated locals. Artists now have much larger exposure, as the scene continues to thrive and get bigger and bigger.

5. Dress For Comfort

Unlike Sydney, which can be fashion snobs, it’s perfectly reasonable to walk around in activewear without as much as a second glance from people, regardless of what activity you are doing.

Due to the coastal location, most people in Newcastle lead very active lifestyles, or at least they dress like they do!

6. Chill Out and Take Your Time

In Newcastle, no one is in a rush to get anywhere. The chilled out and laid back surf culture is contagious throughout the entire town and evident through the cafes and coffee shops, as well as the city streets.

The people of Newcastle all portray a relaxed vibe no matter what the time of year. If you are feeling stressed, it’s only a few minutes to escape to the beach, take in the beautiful scenery, go for a dip or a surf, and forget about all of your worries and responsibilities.

7. Hang Out With ‘Man’s Best Friend’

Newcastle is the perfect place to live with your dog. Bigger yards, more parks and nature, and less crowded streets in a concrete jungle mean dogs will also be able to enjoy themselves without any stress.

The beaches and Foreshore make the perfect place to go for a walk with your furry friend, especially on the weekends.

There is also a beach dedicated to dogs, Horseshoe Beach, where they can be let off their leash to enjoy the beach and make new friends.

8. Wine Wonderland Escapes

Escape to the Hunter Valley on a wine tour, or just a romantic day out and choose from hundreds of vineyards to explore. Best of all it’s only a 45-minute drive away from Newcastle City.

9. A Walkable City

After you arrive in town, all the restaurants, cafes and bars, parks, schools, and shops are all close by. Allowing you to hop from place to place without worrying about having to pay for a taxi or Uber, or having to have a designated driver.

Doing so often either is expensive or ruins the fun of a night out while limiting the options for the best places to go. In Newcastle, everything is just a convenient walk away making it ideal.

10. Close to Adventure Activities

If you live a lifestyle full of adventure, there are many activities close by for you to enjoy, such as 4WDing amongst sand dunes and whale watching.

People in Sydney make the trip up and generally stay for a holiday. But living in Newcastle, there is the extra advantage of being able to make it a great day trip, or a short weekend getaway with the family, without having to take any extra time off work.

Newcastle is a great place to move to and offers a more laid back and affordable lifestyle. But like every major city, it also has some cons which you should be aware of before moving.

Tougher Job Market

Compared to Sydney, the job market is a lot tougher in Newcastle. There are an estimated 15 job-seekers for every one position, making it somewhat tricky to find work.

If you are finding it difficult to secure employment, then there is always the ‘backup’ option, although it is grueling. A five-hour daily commute to Sydney and back if your job hunt proves to be unsuccessful in Newcastle

Poor Public Transport

Newcastle does not have the best public transport options, meaning that if you are reliant on public transport, you may have to walk rather long distances to the closest train station or bus stop.

Most people in Newcastle rely on driving, in part due to how poor the public transport system is.

To find out more about Newcastle, the City of Newcastle has an excellent resource about the community, business, living, and exploring the area.

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