6 things to know about Sydney before you move

By fLipco | April 18, 2019

If you are moving to Sydney then you will want to know a few things about the city so you can quickly acclimate into the general population.

  1. Sydney has a more significant percentage of people living in it that were born overseas than anywhere else in Australia. In Sydney, 31.7 per cent of the people living there are foreigners that were born abroad. The entire Australian population is only made up of 22.2 per cent of people who were born overseas.

    This is a relatively large percentage since Sydney only covers a surface area of 1580 kilometres.

  1. Approximately one-third of the residents of Sydney speak a language other than English as their native tongue. More than 250 different languages are spoken by the various residents of the city with the most frequently used languages being English, Cantonese, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

  2. Sydney is a fast growing city that is projected to have a population increase of more than 2.1 million people by the year 2036. This population increase would put Sydney at a population of about 6 million people.

    A large number of that population growth will be due to the college students potentially increasing in numbers. Records show that seventy-five per cent of the population increase in Sydney each year is due to foreign-born residents moving to the city.

  1. The majority of working people in Sydney work in the retail trade. According to the latest statistics more than 187,647 people in Sydney are employed as part of the retail business. The other most significant employers in Sydney are the health care industry and social assistance which uses roughly 177,087 and the manufacturing sector which employs about 178,437 people. Educational opportunities and university positions make up another significant segment of the Sydney workforce. The ferry transports more than 14 million people in and around the city every year.

  2. One out of every eight Sydney residents is older than sixty-five, but Sydney has the highest number of international students in all of Australia. More than 50,000 students attend classes at one of the universities located in the city. Another 50,000 students study at one of the numerous vocational schools located in the town. Many of the university graduates who are from other countries remain in Australia after graduation to pursue careers.

  1. They say that a man’s home is his castle, well Sydney is home to one of the single most deadly spider in all of the world. The venom of the Sydney Funnel Web Spider is capable of killing an adult human in fifteen minutes or less. The spider has fangs that are so long and so tough that they can penetrate through a pair of work gloves. 

Although the spider is named after the city; the most frequent locations somewhere between Newcastle and Nowra, an anti-venom for the spider poison was developed in 1981, and since that time there have been no reported deaths from the bite of the Sydney Funnel Web spider.

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