DYI Packing VS Professional Packing

By fLipco | March 26, 2019

Once you have decided that you are going to move then you are faced with the decisions concerning how to get all of your personal belongings from the place where you are living now to the place you are moving to.

Before your belongings can actually be moved out of your current residence and into your new residence they have to be packed. The packing of the belongings is a crucial part of moving because proper packing is what stops the belongings from being damaged during the move. Proper packing also insures you that when you arrive at your new residence and begin to unpack your belongings that you will not have bathroom items packed in the carton with kitchen items, and so on. So proper packing makes the unpacking job easier to do.

The main question facing you before you pack is do you want to do the packing yourself, or do you want to hire professionals to do the packing for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each and try to help you decide.


DIY Packing


  • Packing your own belongings will save you some money. When you pack your own belongings you provide the boxes, the packing material, and the labour.

  • When you pack your own belongings the free boxes that you get from the grocery stores or from other stores may not be clean on the inside and they may not be as strong as the cardboard boxes that are used by the professional moving companies

  • When you get tired you will have a tendency to start just putting things into whatever carton you happen to walk past so the items are not always packed according to the rooms they belong in

  • The professional removalists will not insure or guarantee the contents of a box that they did not pack themselves so when you do your own packing and something gets broken there is no insurance to cover the replacement cost of the item

  • Packing is a time consuming activity


Professional Packing


  • The moving company will provide all necessary packing materials, boxes, tape and labels for the boxes

  • The contents of the boxes can be insured and if they are damaged during the move the company will pay to have them replaced or repaired

  • You will save time and stress by professionals pack your belongings.

  • Moving professionals know how to wrap and protect delicate items so that they are not damaged.

  • The professional movers will be able to determine what size moving truck will be needed to safely transport your belongings. You may save money by hiring the professional packing services because you may be able to rent a smaller moving truck.

Local and Interstate Removals are specialists who can provide full moving services including packing, shipping, and bringing the items into your new residence. These professional services are the kind of moving services that help take the stress and worry out of a move and allow you to enjoy the new adventure in your life.