Should You Move Your Office to a Co-Working Space?

By fLipco | March 11, 2019

Co-working spaces are more inviting than standard office spaces are. The co-working spaces have a more relaxed atmosphere and a level of energy that usual stuffy offices do not have. Most people who have made a move from a traditional office into a co-working space say that they are capable of getting more work accomplished because the energy level in the co-working space inspires them to do more.

If you are trying to decide whether you should remain in the office you already occupy or move to a co-working space there are a few things you can consider that will help with your decision.

Advantages of a co-worker space

  • Lower overhead costs, so co-workers spaces are perfect if you are a small business, a freelancer or just starting up in business

  • Co-worker spaces create a feeling of community and help you not to feel isolated or alone

  • Co-worker spaces may help you to connect to other like-minded individuals and even help you find business contacts and resources

  • Freedom and mobility because the co-worker spaces do not have office managers that create rules and regulations for all occupants to follow

  • Take the hassle out of setting up an office space, so co-working spaces reduce the stress associated with developing an office space.

  • You are not locked into a long-term lease like you would have if you were establishing a private office

The bad points about a co-working space

  • Building your brand and greeting customers in your office may be more difficult in a co-working office than it would be in a dedicated office

  • If you are used to working from your home, the co-working space may increase your overhead cost

  • Co-working spaces are relaxed and encourage sharing and social engagement and if you are a person that gets distracted by social interaction then co-working spaces might cause you to be less productive

  • Sometimes the level of drama in a co-working space is greater than it would be in a private office setting because there are no office managers and fewer office regulations for the inhabitants to follow

Getting Help moving into a co-working space

If you do decide that moving your office operations to a co-working space would be beneficial to you, then you need to consider whether or not you need professional help moving your office to the new location. Moving an office can be more difficult than moving your home belongings because everything must be boxed for the move in an organised manner because when you get to the new office, you have to have all of your business materials quickly unpacked so you can return to work.

Professional help is definitely recommended when you are moving to a new office space. Removalist can help you pack, organise, and move your essential belongings and papers.

You should consider hiring office relocation experts to help you with a move of this magnitude. These professionals can help you reduce the amount of downtime you have during the transition, and that makes the stresses of relocating much less.

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