How To Avoid Moving Disputes

By fLipco | May 20, 2019

Hiring professional movers usually makes the moving process easier. It leads to better organisation, planning, and moving according to deadlines. As well as ensuring your belongings don’t get damaged in transit.

But, sometimes, things go wrong. In a situation where there is a breach of contract or damage has occurred to your belongings, it seems a dispute is unavoidable.

By taking measures ahead of time, it’s possible to avoid many moving disputes from occurring.

Here are 4 different ways you can avoid moving disputes with your removals company:

1. Check The Insurance Policy In Advance

Before you sign a contract with the removal company, make sure that you inquire in advance about what the policy covers. As well as what is the maximum valuation for lost and damaged items.

Your removalist is liable for your items which they transport. But, there are different kinds of insurance each moving company may cover.

Generally, insurance can be upgraded for an additional fee. It depends on the value of your belongings for which level of coverage suits your needs.

Under comprehensive insurance, your items are usually completely covered by the removalist. They may also be responsible for any damage or loss which occurs during the move. For complete peace of mind, you may need to buy additional insurance.

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2. Let The Mover Know About The Types Of Items

If you have valuable, fragile, or perishable items, be sure to clearly label these items, as well as telling the mover in advance. Besides verbally telling the movers on moving day, also notify them in advance via email.

If there are time delays in moving, the removalist will be able to arrange special storage or take priority action to ensure your items remain protected and delivered safely.

3. Clarify and Understand Pricing

Make sure you understand the contract you agree to with the movers. Get the actual cost of moving as a written quote, as well as a list of any additional fees or service charges which a removalist might charge which can increase the total price.

Also, verify accepted payment methods, to eliminate any problems which may occur on the day of the move, or during the delivery process.

At Local & Interstate Removals, we believe in transparent pricing and never have hidden costs or charges. You can see our pricing list.

4. Have A Copy Of The Paperwork

Make sure to have a copy of all the paperwork, which outlines the agreement made with your removalist. It will confirm the moving date/time details, as well as the date of delivery, the type of insurance, and the valuation of your items which have been insured.

It will also contain the terms and conditions, as well as any outstanding costs or payments required.

A lot of potential moving disputes can be avoided ahead of time, by being prepared as well as being aware of all the above points. If a dispute does occur, they will also help in finding a quick resolution for any unforeseen problems.

Fair Trading NSW has more information available about hiring a removalist and signs to watch out for.

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