Tips For Moving During Winter

By fLipco | May 22, 2019

Winter is fast approaching. Moving house is difficult enough at the best of times, let alone in the middle of freezing weather. Trying to fend off the pouring rain and winter blues can be a struggle, so here are some tips for moving during winter to help with the process:

Wear Warm Clothes

It should go without saying, but it’s surprising just how many people forget to prepare for moving day and the weather in advance. Often, people pack all of their warm clothes and only have the care essentials on hand.

Then when it comes time to move, they realise that their clothing choice is inappropriate, but can’t quickly find the clothes they packed.

You need to make sure to wear something warm and comfortable. It also has to be non-restrictive, and let you move freely while you all be lifting, bending, and moving.

Also, make sure to choose appropriate footwear, which is slip-resistant. A pair of boots or sneakers are best suited for moving.

Use Plastic Boxes

It’s possible that it may rain during your move, and you need to be prepared. Using cardboard boxes can lead to disaster if a downpour was to occur – not only will the boxes get wet, but potentially all the items inside each box may be damaged.

Make sure to use waterproof plastic boxes, which will prevent any damage from occurring, and keep your precious belongings safe and dry from the elements.

Protect Your Items From The Elements

As well as placing your items in plastic boxes, you also need to pack items to protect them from the cold. Items such as dishes and glasses are susceptible to temperature changes. They may break or crack if exposed to extreme temperatures too quickly. Electronic items are also other items which can be affected.

Make sure to double wrap your items in warm blankets to protect them from the change of a warm home to the freezing cold. Also, if possible, pack these items last and unload them first, to reduce their exposure to the cold.

At Local & Interstate removals, we offer packing services to ensure your items are safe from the elements.

Use Old Sheets To Protect Your Flooring

Nothing could be worse than damaging the floors of your old floor when moving out, or having the floors of your new home covered with mud. To keep your floors protected and stop any injuries from happening use old sheets, carpet, or towels over the floor of your home, and also the moving truck.

Also use cardboard to cover any outside paths direct to the moving truck over grass or dirt, which may turn to mud if it were to rain.

Avoid using plastic, as this can lead to someone slipping and experiencing a serious injury.

Allow Extra Transit Time

Driving during winter with heavy rain always takes longer than driving normally. Allow extra time to arrive at your new home, and drive safely.

The chance of an accident increases during wet weather also. Consider taking out extra transit insurance, to cover you in case of an accident or collision while moving.

For expert wet weather removalists, Local & Interstate Removals have got you covered – we have many years of winter removals experience to ensure your items arrive dry and safe at your new home. Contact us for an obligation free quote on 1300 705 705 or online.